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Steven Rooks  🚲
Sport & Outdoor
1100 Volgers
4100 Volgers
Emile Ratelband
Persoonlijke ontwikkeling
750 Volgers
7000 Volgers
50000 Volgers
10000 Volgers
Miriam (MeerVanMir)  đź–‹
2000 Volgers
15000 Unieke bezoekers
2500 Volgers
20000 Volgers

There is a growing interest from companies to sell their products or services via social media channels. We offer a unique and effective solution: influencer marketing via Loyal Influencers. A warm introduction, right in the middle of the desired target audience.

Our fast-growing group of loyal influencers consists of a diverse mix of well-known Dutch celebrities, vloggers, bloggers, public speakers and thought leaders… all of these affiliate members having one key priority in common: a high audience engagement with their post, often 5 factors higher than mainstream advertising! And that is exactly what you are after: interactions and reactions with regards to your product or service.

Our influencers are active on various social media channels. We specialize in cross-platform deployment and can offer almost any combination: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, YouTube as well as blog-websites.

Loyal Influencers is a full-service online marketing agency. We work with a wide variety of specialists in the fields of content marketing, campaign management and digital marketing strategies. As a result, we always offer the best solution for your product or service. Accordingly, we can provide video, photo, or text content creation. 

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