Ronald van Loon
Totaal aantal volgers
300 duizend
Actieve Platformen
Clubhouse, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Website
Hoofd Branche
Marketing, Communicatie & PR
Sub Branches
Demand gen marketing, Influencer marketing, Tech branche
Ronald van Loon
Over Ronald van Loon

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"Ronald van Loon has created and produced original recordings and content with over 200 domain experts, including CTO of Microsoft, CTO of Huawei, CEO of HPE, CEO of Cisco, and many more. For years he's been a globally recognized top ten influencer and thought leader in AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Data Science, Digital Transformation, and Futurism, and uses his passion and enthusiam for the industry to educate, inform, and inspire his 300,000 + active data and analytics fans.

He also applied his passion for sharing his knowledge to his approach of influencer and thought leadership marketing, and founded the Intelligent World. Through the Intelligent World platform, this easy to use, proven influencer and thought leadership program can be widely available for communication and marketing professionals in the B2B tech industry."


10000 Volgers Instagram
48000 Volgers LinkedIn
22400 Volgers Youtube
236000 Volgers Twitter
240 Volgers Clubhouse
1 Abonnees SKYTV
Campagne kosten vanaf: €500,-

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